Party Room Inquiry

The next time you have a special event to celebrate, reserve the party room at Schmitty's Bar & Grill for your party. Call us today to schedule your event. It's perfect for any occasion, including:

Reunions • Weddings • Retirements • Birthdays • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

• The cost of the room is non-refundable and due upon party booking.
• Sunday-Thursday - $50.00
• Saturday- Day: $50.00 Night: $150.00

**We DO NOT book parties on Friday or Wednesday nights**
Prices are subject to change 
**Bill will include an additional 18% gratuity**

• Party food orders need to be in at least a week prior to party date. 
• All food must be purchased from either Schmitty's party menu or Ala Roma party menu.
• No carry-ins are allowed, absolutely no homemade items.
• Cakes and other desserts are allowed as long as it is purchased from a licensed bakery. (Festival, Piggly Wiggly, Pick n' Save, Wal-Mart, etc.) 
• We will provide disposable plates, plastic ware, and napkins.

• Quarter Barrel: $120.00 (16 Pitchers)
• Half Barrel: $180.00 (32 Pitchers)
• You are allowed to mix and match domestic beers that are on tap. When working parties we count by the pitcher, therefore you do not have to order a quarter/half barrel of just one kind. 
• Soda is $7.00 a pitcher- Pepsi products

• You are allowed to decorate as long as nothing is wrecked.
• No staples only pushpins are allowed
• Decorations must come down after party is over, anything left behind will be thrown away.

• If you are going to bring a band or DJ we always ask that they don't start until 8:00PM
• We are able to play slideshows and other media onto our TV as long as the laptop and HDMI cable are brought in.

If there are any questions please call 1-920-907-4380 and ask for either Carla, Kayla, or the Event Planner.