Party Room

The next time you have a special event to celebrate, reserve the party room at Schmitty's Bar & Grill for your party. Call us today to schedule your event. It's perfect for any occasion, including:

Reunions •  Weddings •  Retirements •  Birthdays •  And more!


The cost of the room is non-refundable

Sunday-Thursday- $ 50.00

Saturday: DAY- $50.00 NIGHT- $150

**We DO NOT book parties Wednesday on Friday nights**


Decorating is permitted with caution and care! Please reach out with any questions! 


Party food orders need to be in a week or more before your party.

All of the platters feed roughly 40 people.

No carry-ins are allowed. No homemade items.

Cakes are allowed in as long as it is from a licensed bakery.
(Festical, Piggly Wiggly, Pick n’ Save, Wal-Mart, etc.)

We do provide disposable plates, plasticware, and napkins.


Quarter Barrel | $120 (16 pitchers)

Half Barrel | $180 (32 pitchers)

You are allowed to mix and match domestic beers that are on tap. When working parties we count by the pitcher, therefore.  you do not have to order a quarter/half barrel of just one kind.

Soda is $6 a pitcher- Pepsi Products

Decorating: You are allowed to decorate as long as you do not wreck anything.


If you are going to bring a DJ or a Band we always ask that they don’t start until 8:00pm